Supporting Your Patients with Family Care Plans

Pending federal legislation changes the language from Plan of Safe Care to Family Care Plan. In CT, SEPI-CT has adopted this language change currently.

A Family Care Plan (FCP) is a document that provides a roadmap of supports for birthing person, baby and family. This includes strategies and services that support the health and wellbeing of newborns and the substance use treatment and recovery of the birthing person. Per federal legislation, people who use substances during their pregnancy should have a Family Care Plan readily verifiable at the time of birth in the event of a CAPTA notification.

The Family Care Plan Must:

  • Be verified with the plan developer by the birthing hospital at time of birth and notification. Possible collaborators on the mother/birthing person’s FCP may include: pregnancy care providers, pain specialists, Medication Assisted Treatment/Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MAT/MOUD) providers, OB-GYNs/pediatricians, maternal postpartum providers (visiting nurse, Birth to 3, home visitors), substance use treatment or other behavioral health providers, and birthing hospital staff.
  • Be developed at the time of birth if not completed or able to be verified.
  • Meet the needs of mother/birthing person, infant, and family.

When working with your patient or client to create a Family Care Plan, it is essential that the mother/birthing person is at the forefront of the plan. The mother/birthing person should choose which resources and providers to include in the plan development and select which areas they need support in. They also have the ability to change the plan or update it as they progress in their pregnancy.

As a provider, you should also not assume that someone else has completed the plan with the mother/birthing person. Talk with your patient about who will be the lead provider on the plan and have them sign a Release of Information so that the plan can be shared with all healthcare providers on the birthing person’s team.

How to Create Family Care Plans

  • A printable template can be downloaded and printed.
  • A digital FCP can be completed online by the birthing person or collaboratively by the birthing person and their provider at We strongly encourage those who use this resource to make a 211 account to be able to access and edit a copy of their plan.
  • A virtual tool is currently being developed by SEPI-CT and will be hosted on our website. Stay tuned for updates!

After completing a FCP with your patient or client, ensure that they have access to the plan either electronically or physically. Keep a copy of the plan on file or in an electronic health portal.