Local Resources

CT Data Report on Racial Inequities (2023)

In 2021, the CT General Assembly declared racism a public health crisis and acknowledged that disparities in health outcomes are largely the result of race-based inequities. The Commission on Racial Equity in Public Health was established to examine these inequities and to inform policies to achieve health equity.

CT Health Foundation

The CT Health Foundation focuses on pathways to health equity and envisions a Connecticut where everyone can be as healthy as possible.

National Resources

Association of American Medical Colleges

In 2020, the AAMC release their "Framework for Addressing and Eliminating Racism in Academic Medicine and Beyond." Their website lists helpful definitions, video resources, and examples of anti-racism in practice in medical schools and teaching hospitals. Helpful publications and reading lists are also included.

CDC: Working Together to Reduce Black Maternal Mortality

Providers can learn how to best support pregnant people and reduce factors that contribute to pregnancy-related complications and death.

Every Mother Counts

Providers have access to resources related to racism and the national black maternal health crisis.

National Institute for Children's Health Quality

The NICHQ provides free webinars on strategies to combat racism in healthcare systems.

Nursing License Map

Through the Nursing License Map, health professionals and students can learn more about anti-racism and equip themselves to eliminate inequities wherever they see them.