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How To Use Naloxone: Naloxone + Overdose Response App

NORA (Naloxone + Overdose Response App) is a free app (and also a website) from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Use NORA to prevent, treat, and report opioid overdose.

Where Can I Get Naloxone

This website provides information about the various ways to access naloxone in Connecticut as well as how to access free training to learn how to use it.

Naloxone Is Safe For Everyone Handout

The link above contains a printable naloxone handout that anyone can distribute. Naloxone is a life-saving medication that can reverse an overdose from opioids in infants, children, adolescents, adults, seniors, and people who are pregnant or nursing.

24/7 Hotline For Information About Treatment Resources

DMHAS has established the 24/7 Access Line to facilitate access to treatment for substance use disorders. Individuals from members, health professionals, and the general public via chat, text, phone, and email in both English and Spanish. anywhere in Connecticut may call to help with linkage to residential detox. The Access Line is able to prioritize transportation services for detox. The Access Line may also be able arrange transportation to DMHAS addiction residential treatment (although transportation services are prioritized for withdrawal management).

Women's Recovery Engagement Access Coaching Healing Program (REACH)

The Women's REACH Program is designed to provide outreach, engagement, case management, recovery coaching, community connections to treatment, and recovery support resources to women in particular those who are pregnant and/or parenting. 

Parents Recovering From Substance Use Disorders (PROUD)

PROUD is a SAMHSA-funded program for pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disorders living in the Greater Hartford and New Britain communities. Intercommunity, Inc. and Wheeler Clinic will provide clinical, case management, and recovery coaching services to eligible women and their family members. 

LiveLoud: Life With Opioid Use Disorder

Resources for individuals and families about opioids, types of treatment and providers, harm reduction including naloxone, and recovery supports.

Peer Support Meeting Resources

Resources for individuals to explore many pathways to peer recovery support groups. 

Family Recovery Resources

Peer support group resources for families and loved ones concerned about another person's substance use.

Harm Reduction Information and Resources

Visit this page for information and links to Connecticut-based agencies that provide harm reduction information and services.